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It’s been your dream to vacation in the beautiful Caribbean, but you simply ask yourself how can you afford it ! You don’t have to beg, borrow, or steal to indulge your wanderlust, your dream vacation may be more affordable than you think.  If you know when you want to take your vacation but still need to do some saving DREAM GETAWAYS TRAVEL Vacation Payment Plans is your solution. We’ll help you lock-in today’s great rates with only a down payment.

Initial deposits on DREAM GETAWAYS TRAVEL Vacation payment plans start as low as $ 200.00 per person. The size of the  payment and the number of remaining vacation payment installments will depend on how much time exists between the first deposit on your trip and the date the final payment is due. We recommend making your vacation reservation more than 6 weeks in advantage in order to allow yourself sufficient time to spread out vacation payments .

Most of our travel suppliers require their final payment 45 days prior to the start of travel. If airfare is involved the air cost is, at times, due with the initial deposit. That is the case only if the tour or package provider does not have a special contract for the airfare itinerary being used. If you can, use one of their special contracted air itineraries, then the airfare portion of your package is treated as part of the whole package and no separate payment is required. We can counsel you on which alternative is in your best interest.

Their mission and vision includes being committed to providing each of their clients with a quality vacation and other travel-related products and services at affordable prices to enhance your overall vacation experience. And because they are accredited by the International Airlines Travel Agent Network or IATAN and license seller of travel, you can be rest assured you are working with professionals at ever level. Please join their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube pages and channel, and sign up for All Inclusive Vacations Blog. Also, please visit their website frequently to check out the latest hot deals from their home departure city gateway.

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